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What Do You Want, A Medal?

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I made a Twitter bot to make medals for people who think they deserve them. It got a very nice write-up in The Irish Examiner.

The bot kicks in when someone suggests they need an award, and the reason why. Recent winners have secured the attention of WDYWAM for everything from putting on a “brave face” to “watching sports with Jeff 24/7? and “writing a report in six hours”.

The source code is here.


Late Night

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Here is a comic book I wrote last year. I hope you enjoy it.

Late Night Cover

2014-11-12 Hypnogogic Reverie

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I had a nap before going to work and dreamed this. I guess I’m still angry.

I had a nap before going to work and dreamed this. I guess I'm still angry.

I had a nap before going to work and dreamed this. I guess I’m still angry.


A Man With a Towel Around His Waist Speaks by Chris Arp (Audio)

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Liars’ League (subsequently) recorded the story I read at their May 2nd event, and said recording can now be heard at their blog.

I hope you’ll take a moment to give it a listen. It’s a great monologue, and I really enjoyed reading it.


Liars’ League NYC: “A Man With a Towel Around His Waist Speaks” by Chris Arp

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I will be reading a monologue that I like very much at this tomorrow night.

SPOILER ALERT: I will be wearing a towel around my waist.

You should come!

Wednesday, May 2nd @ 7PM at KGB Bar


“Awkward Levity”

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“Awkward Levity” opened on Thursday, and people really enjoyed it! Including this reviewer! Not bad, right?

If you’re on the fence, here’s a short clip from “Backhand Grief” for you to enjoy! (If you’re not on the fence, though… don’t spoil it.)

Sick Little Productions presents:

Awkward Levity, an evening three short, dark comedies by Richard Hinojosa. Performances begin Thursday January 12, 2012 for a limited engagement through Saturday January 21, 2012. Press tickets are available at anytime during the run. Performances take place at Under St. Mark’s Theater (94 St. Mark’s Place, between 1st Ave. and Ave. A.) The performance schedule is Thursday – Saturday at 8 PM. Ticket price is $15.

?Downtown producers of the twisted puppet saga The Outer Puppets pulls their hands out of their puppets behinds and puts them up their own in this evening of world premiere one acts that peer into the dark hearts of their subjects.

Five Foot Shelf gives us a man experiencing an existential crisis when his best friend forces him to reevaluate his favorite bookshelf. Directed by Jason Griffith.

In A Sharp Point an inappropriate joke triggers a reprisal that sinks two couples deep into a quagmire of insensitivity. Directed by Sheila Garson.

Finally, Back Hand Grief is set in dressing room where the lead is hanging and the cast struggling to fill his role before he’s even cold. Directed by Richard Hinojosa.

Awkward Levity features Jonathan Harford, Lindsay MacNaughton, Rebecca Nerz and Jesse Presler*.

*Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association


Clorox 2: “Mom Will Never Know”

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This spot was so much fun. Yes, I did get to shoot children. The girl who played my daughter was a superlative trash-talker.

I’m so pleased that A) They used the take where I impulsively took a sip of coffee, and B) They didn’t cut my (great) line.


“The Funeral” now on Vimeo!

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If you haven’t watched it yet, I hope you will. I think it’s pretty great.

The Funeral – Untucked Films from Untucked Films on Vimeo.



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I really should have mentioned before: I joined the Screen Actors Guild for my work in a GE “Ecomagination” commercial.

Around the same time I filmed a Carmax ad in Baltimore. I’ll see about putting these up soon.


In at least one home in America…

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…one line from a commercial I was in has become something of a catchphrase.

This pleases me. Probably more than it should.

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